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Printmakers Podcast Episodes!




The BG Printmakers have started a podcast featuring printmakers and talking about printmaking mainly because we don't have a podcast for printmakers out there.  Primarily we just wanted to have printmakers to have a forum to talk about their work and what they are doing and their mediums.  We interview undergrad students, graduate students, professors, and enthusiasts of the process of making multiples.  


Find them here: https://soundcloud.com/bgprintmakers




We have uploaded a new episode today which is episode 7!  

Episode 7 of the @bgprintmakers podcast is up and On this episode of the Printmakers' Podcast, we interview Alan Serna and Madison Serna. They are both MFA grad students in the printmaking program at the University of Kentucky. We talk about how they got involved in printmaking their inspiration and their upcoming shows.

Their Websites:

Social media:

The "Grind" litho exchange is currently showing at Freight Gallery in San Antonio, Texas and will be up until the end of the month.

Check out our website: http://www.bgprintmakers.org Music used for this episode by: Lee Rosevere, "I was waiting for him" for more info go to this link: https://goo.gl/Hxy1k7

Logo design by Matt Reno. https://www.instagram.com/renologos/ He is also a printmaker! https://www.instagram.com/mattrenoprints/

Make sure you like, comment, subscribe and share! If you are a printmaker and want to be a part of this podcast email bgprintmakers@gmail.com



Bluegrass Printmakers' Podcast Episode 6 features Paige Dawson who is one of our newest members who joined this past year. We talk bout her artwork, her process and why she chose printmaking and her experience as a printmaker. Be sure to follow us on social media @bgprintmakers and check out our classes, workshops and events online @ bgprintmakers.org.

The intro and outro song is by Lee Rosevere "I was waiting for him" from the album The Big Loop-FML (original podcast score)

Link here: goo.gl/CfVXza

Matt Reno designed the logo and you can check out his website: www.mattreno.com and on 
instagram www.instagram.com/renologos/

Paige dawson can be found on social media where she posts pics of her work @paige_dawson





Episode 1 of the Bluegrass Printmakers' Podcast features guest Stephanie Barker member of the BPC. The Bluegrass Printmakers' Podcast is hosted by Stephen Wiggins, president of the BPC. You can find out more about our classes at bgprintmakers.org and online via social media @bgprintmakers

Also check out more of Stephanie's work bgprintmakers.org/members

The intro and outro song is by Lee Rosevere "I was waiting for him" from the album The Big Loop-FML (original podcast score)

Link here: goo.gl/CfVXza

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